This red Tesla received our "Interior/Exterior level 1" package.  Was clayed to removed road contamination and fallout that sticks to the paint to prevent any paint damage.  Followed up with 2 coats of wax/sealant and topped of with a spray sealant for high paint protection.   

This Mercedes AMG C63 received a "Exterior level 3" service.  It was covered with SEVERE swirls, holograms etc due to improper washing.  After performing a 2 step compound and polish the gloss was brought back.   It was topped it off with premium sealant/carnauba wax application to protect the paint.

The "Interior/Exterior level 1" detailing service is very popular because it is simple yet very effective.  This Dodge Charger is on a monthly plan which receives a interior express and premium hand wash.  After doing a wax job in the beginning of the year it is very carefully maintained so that the water is still beading even 8-12 months later.  If you have a newer vehicle Royal Mobile Detailing can help protect your investment. 

These photos show a "Interior Level 2 with Heated Extraction" service WITH "heat extraction" of floor mats.   Very popular package that Royal Mobile Detailing performs. Not every vehicle needs a carpet heat extraction and that is why it is an additional charge. 

This Tesla received our "Exterior level 2" package.  Light scratches, swirl marks and holograms were removed bring out the gloss.  It was than followed up with premium grade hand applied carnauba wax for paint protection  Door jams, wheel/tire cleaning is always included

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